Roulette Rules

The Basics

Whether you're playing roulette online or offline, the basic aim is the same: to guess in which slot the ball will land when the wheel is spun. The players play against the house, represented by the dealer. The dealer spins the wheel and pays out the winning bets. The table can accomodate up to 8 players. Of course, in online roulette you don't have to wait on the dealer and the other players. You can determine the speed of your game.

Buying In

In land-based roulette the players first buy in by exchanging their money for a set of special coloured chips, and each player gets their own colour. In online roulette this is not necessary since there is only one player at the table. Now the game can start, and the first step is to place your bets.

Placing Bets

Players can then make their bets on the roulette table. You can bet on one number, two numbers, 3,4,5, or 6 numbers, a column of 12 numbers, the colour of the numbers, or whether the number will be odd of even, etc. Check our roulette bets page for a complete overview of the bets you can make. To place your bets in online roulette, simply click on the denomination of chips you wish to place, and then click on the area of the table where you want to place them. If you place a chip and change your mind, click on clearto remove all bets from the table. To place the same bet as the previous round, click on the button marked repeat, or rebet. There is usually a special marker in your screen displaying the betting limit. When you have placed your bets click on spin or start to begin.

Pay Outs

As soon as the ball lands in one of the slots you can see whether you've won. The money you win is automatically added to your balance. Click on the button marked balance to view your money balance, and click on the cashier option to adjust this balance. Different bets result in different payouts. You can view a full pay out overview in the roulette payouts section to compare how every bet pays off.