Roulette Basics

In this section, you will find all the information you need to get acquainted with the world of Roulette. Here you’ll find all the knowledge you will need to enjoy and, hopefully, win this iconic game of chance. Our aim is to introduce you, through these articles, to the game of roulette so that you can access the full experience, the fun and emotion of this great casino game!

We will explain what the game of roulette is really about, how to go about using the roulette table, what kind of bets there are and how to place them, and even give you some tips so that if you decide to go and have a good time at a real casino, your exquisite performance and "savoir-faire" will earn you the admiration of your friends and everyone around.

Learn the difference between American and European (or French) roulette, discover which best fits your preferences, and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are, etc. We will also focus on the different kinds of bets: how to bet them, their payout and what the house edge is and how to benefit from knowing all this. Come to learn the best roulette etiquette and what is meant by "En Prison" and what the "Neighbours of 0" are and why all this is important. Knowledge is power!