Mobile Gambling is booming business

As the worlds largest betting exchange BetSafe reports on its previous fiscal year and a large British bookmaker announce their company’s policy for the coming time, it becomes crystal clear that what everyone expected has truly happened: gambling on mobile devices has become BIG.

Apps for smartphones started out as a very small niche market, but the introduction of the iPhone and the Android operating system have made this industry a major one and one of the fastest evolving in the world. And while regular games remain the best selling product on mobile systems, an increasing amount of revenue is generated by gambling apps. Especially now that Apple’s iPad is so immensely popular and other tablets also see rising sales, the mobile casino apps are becoming more and more numerous.

All of the most popular games that are available in regular brick and mortar casinos and on the web now have their own applications that allow users to bet wherever they are on their mobile phone or tablet. Several app studios have released roulette apps, differing from richly detailed 3D to just plain and simple. Every week offers more choice for those who want to play casino games without a computer or without having to go to the casino.